Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras

Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras
Heleman 13:4, "And it came to pass that they would not suffer that he should enter into the city; therefore he went and got upon the wall thereof, and stretched forth his hand and cried with a loud voice, and prophesied unto the people whatsoever things the Lord put into his heart."

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Cantaloupe anyone?  

Welcome to Buena Vista, Choluteca, Honduras.  Where most of the world's cantaloupe consumption is grown.  Literally, next time you are at the supermarket, look that the cantaloupe and see if it says where its from.  I bet it'll say Honduras!  All day everyday Cantaloupe trucks pass through our area and all the people that live here work out in the fields hauling cantaloupe.  Members always give us cantaloupe for free to take home because they already have so many.  At one point we had 5 melons just sitting on our table in our house.  I didn't used to like cantaloupe and many other foods like fish, onions, cabbage, tomatoes, and beats.  But now I love all of them!  I think the only food now that I don't like is Liver.  Never have, Never will.  Everything else is fine by me!  

The PERFECT commericial:  So my comp and I were sitting waiting in Monjaras for the buscito that brings us home to Buena Vista.  We were sitting at some picnic benches when an old Honduran man pulls up on a bike.  He's got your typical sombrero, button up shirt, long pants, mustache, boots.  He parks his bike and sits down at the other table.  Then wanna know what he pulls out of his pocket?  Nothing more than a bottle of Coke.  He sits there sipping his coke and enjoying the environment.  He finishes, gets up, jumps on his bike, and rides away.  I couldn't keep thinking, wow I could make millions off this comercial idea!  hahaha but it was pretty random.  I took a picture with our cell phone so it didn't turn out very well, but there you go...

Funny story - So After seeing the picture perfect Coca-Cola commercial, The bus finally showed up and we got on.  The buses that go to our area are very small 15 passenger vans that Hondurans find a way to fit 20 people into.  We got in and sat down and right before we left 3 drunk guys get on and sit all around me.  I'm just like "Dangit." haha  So of course, in normal drunk guy fashion, they strike up a conversation with me.  One tells me he's from a place called El Truinfo and how he's a member and he loves missionaries.  He tells me that about 5 times then gives me a 2 min hug.  My comp was just laughing his pants off.  Imagine, both of us just sitting there on the bus and him holding onto me in an awkward hug.  It was funny.  The second drunk was really quiet and the third drunk started talking to me about the church and where my comp was from.  Just to joke around I started saying "hey yeah we want to go to Nicaragua, why don't you invite us!"  "Me and Enrique have never been to Nicaragua!"  haha My comp got all embarassed and was like "uh, no sorry"  haha.  That day the 20 minute bus ride felt a lot more like an hour.  

On Friday we had a pretty fun church activity!  Elder Chapman and Elder Sanchez came over to help us out.  We did a mock plan of salvation where we passed through all the parts and the members and investigators we tested on their obedience to what we instructed them and all final they were judged and went to one of three kingdoms.  I'll see if I can get you some of the pics off of Elder Sanchez's camera to show you.  (I kind of understand what he's trying to say here but not really.  I normally would try to fix his phrasing but I'm a bit confused.  In his defense he would say, "English is hard!")

It's May and that means rain...and bugs....and power outages....But I get to leave in 3 months and all these people have to live like this for their whole life!  I can deal with it I guess.  It's just rough not having power at night sometimes cause no power = no fan = bugs =SUPER hot.  But what can ya do?  

My last piece of news, I need some American Food.  We eat nothing but Rice a beans all day everyday and it's taking it's toll.  In just my 5 weeks here in the south I've gone down a belt loop and lost 10 pounds!  But I'm fine with it.  I want to go home skinny anyway!  

Thanks to Elder Holloway, The Bright Family, and Elder Edwards for the letters and thanks to Grandma for the Package!  :)

A special congrats to Elder Josh Low who finishes his mission this week!  Good work boy!  

Stay Sweet,  (Like Canteloupe maybe?)
Elder Lawson

Note:  Some of the other pics are from when we went to the beach and of the melon trucks that pass through our area. 

Branch activity

Yup, I eat this!

Cantaloupe trucks

Coke commercial