Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras

Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras
Heleman 13:4, "And it came to pass that they would not suffer that he should enter into the city; therefore he went and got upon the wall thereof, and stretched forth his hand and cried with a loud voice, and prophesied unto the people whatsoever things the Lord put into his heart."

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

18 months young

Hey fam!

I bet you´re all a little confused as to why I'm writing on Monday and not on Saturday like usual.  Well....we decided to change it so we could go play soccer with our zone for once.  Really not that exciting, but it was a super fun time!  I had like 2 months without playing soccer so it was fun to get out and play!  I got some nasty turf burns though because I was throwing down some nasty slide tackles!  :)  But anyways, that's that.  

So how's it all going at home?  Getting warm yet?  I´ve about had it with the heat and it just gets hotter and hotter!  Oh how I wish May would come with all the rain it brings...haha but Honduras is Honduras!  

Well this week I finished the first 18 months of my mission and that means I only have 5 left!  (For school and changes in the mission I'm going to end up going home a month early.)  I honestly can't believe the time has passed so fast.  Honestly, completing the big 1 - 8 left me reflecting a lot on my mission and how I've grown as a missionary.  I realize that I honestly have progressed a lot.  I can speak Spanish basically fluently now and I'm not really all the scared to talk to strangers and get into their personal beliefs.  The biggest is that rejection doesn't affect me AT ALL.  Like people can yell terrible things at us or just treat us like we don't exist, and I don't feel a thing.  I guess this trait will be a big help when I get back to the real world and have to start talking to girls again and get rejected by them!  haha.  

One thing that was super weird to think about was the fact that my Dad and my Aunt only served for 18 months in their missions.  Like, if I were them I'd be going home!  I don't like that thought.  I do think about home sometimes, but I would never want to go right now!  I don't feel ready yet.  I'm glad the Lord called me at a time where I could serve him for the full 2 years.  (Haha well 23 months, but that's a whole nother story...) Honestly this week more than ever I have felt the Lord in my life and working through me in my mission.  I'd like to share a stories of people whose lives were changed by the Lord acting through me this week...

1. Natalia - She was baptized!  She's a little girl of 11 years that just loves the gospel.  Her mom was the Relief Society President 15ish years ago but shortly thereafter she went inactive because of a comment another sister made.  One day when we were walking in our area we saw her sitting in front of her little wooden house without electricity.  We started talking to her and that's when we learned that she used to go to church and that she hadn't been in a really long time.  We started visiting her and her daughter Natalia started talking the discussions.  One day she told us that Natalia needed notebooks for school but she didn't have money to buy them for her.  So what we did was that night we bought the books and brought them to the house.  They were in the doorway so we gave the notebook to a random lady walking by and told her to give it to them.  We wrote "To Natailia from God" on the book and the lady gave it to them for us!  Natalia freaked out and we took off running.  They didn't catch us!  The next day they asked us about it and we denied it.  Natalia then said, "It must have been an angel!"  With such light in her eyes.  I just wanted to cry.  She's so awesome.  We also had to change the day of her baptism from Saturday to Sunday because of Stake Conference and she was so mad because she wanted to get baptized as soon as possible.  She also said that if she had to wait she would because she knew that the Mormon Church was the only true church so she needed to get baptized in that one!  She was a little nervous, but it was so great getting to baptize her yesterday and see the joy she had!  

Gabriel - Gabriel is honestly the reason I am on a mission.  He's going to get baptized on the 29th so I'll have to tell you more about him then, but honestly he has given me a different perspective on how God puts people in our path that we need to help.  Let's just say he's got some huge family issues, used to be a drunk, and just needed somebody to vent to and we were those people.  I have never felt so much love for someone ever before in my life.  He's the best!  

Christina - Christina was a random lady that I was able to make her day.  It was basically a Jesus Moment.  haha We were walking though a really ghetto housing complex (ya know with like grime and dirt and darkness) and I saw an oldish lady sitting on the ground outside an apartment.  I'm not sure if she was crying, but I felt that I needed to talk to her.  As we walked by I stopped my comp and I asked her how she was and if we could do anything for her.  I sat down on the dirty ground beside her and talked a little bit to her about the situation.  She told me that she lived there with her teenage son but that the landlord had kicked them out.  I told her that I couldn't give her any money but I could give her the word of God.  I told her that the wonderful thing was that even though she no longer had a house, she still had a Savior. And he loves her more than anything.  I told her to be of good cheer because no matter how many trials the world throws at us we will always be happy if we remember God and keep the commandments.  She smiled and we left.  It honestly felt so amazing in that moment to be a missionary and share that great news with her.  

I love you all!  Have a great week!  Talk to you on Saturday again!  

Elder Lawson
Soccer with the zone.

Burning a shirt and pants for my 18 months 
since I never burned a shirt at my one year mark.

Me and Elder Hatch (Shout out to Colorado!) on a rock in Valle Verde.

Natalia's baptism!