Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras

Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras
Heleman 13:4, "And it came to pass that they would not suffer that he should enter into the city; therefore he went and got upon the wall thereof, and stretched forth his hand and cried with a loud voice, and prophesied unto the people whatsoever things the Lord put into his heart."

Monday, February 10, 2014

Things just CLICKED

Hey fam,

This week was SUPER busy and for that reason I have sooo much to tell you!  

First off, the Broncos loss was kind of a bummer.  Before the Superbowl I was kinda bummed I was going to miss it because everyone said it was going to be the "superbowl you'll never forget" and I thought Dang, it's the only time since I've lived in Denver that the Broncos go to the Superbowl and I'm going to miss it.  But I shook off that thought and went to the appointment we had with a new family my comp had found this week when I was in another area.  We showed up, and the family was...PERFECT.  A family of 8 that asked all the right questions and was very interested.  I couldn't believe it.  I've never found a family so PILAS in all my mission.  It was really exciting to say the least.  I'm really excited for our return appointment tonight!  The Lord blessed us for working hard even though the Superbowl was going on.  

Funny story: On Sunday night we were walking to a cita and a guy started walking close behind us.  You never know who it could be in this city so we sped up.  So did he.  We got scared and kept walking until he called us and said he had a question.  He then started to ask us a question about English.  He said he heard a song and in the song it said "Don't leddo in my life" and he wanted to know what leddo meant.  We told him it wasn't a word and he was like "Yeah I thought so, but it sounds like..." and then he sang that part of the song again.  The conversation continued and in which he sang us this one line of the song like 8 or 9 times convinced it said the word leddo.  Finallly I gave him options so he could search it on line.  I said it could be "let it" or "meddle."  After convincing him it wasn't "leddo" he said there was another song that said "Fairy what what." He said that didn't make sense because fairy means Ada and that doesn't make any sense.  I told him it probably said "very" and he continued to reassure us it said "fairy."  Like he knows English better than us...  Eventually we told him there wasn't much we could do so I tried inviting him to church and stuff where he immediately told me no and said he only wanted to know about the song.  Haha Elder Mendoza and I have been singing "Don't leddo in my life" all week.  It was really funny.  I guess you just had to be there....

So Monday night we decided to take off to the South!  On the bus ride down randomly they put in a movie.  It was a Polish movie called "Moj Rower" in Polish with Spanish subtitles.  I bet you could guess it was a little hard to understand.  It was basically just like those "Ello Govner" movies Mom and Abby like to watch, slow with no real climax.  At first Mendoza and I thought it was the dumbest movie ever but then I got hooked trying to figure out what was happening while Mendoza slept.  In the end I think I got it all, but still thought it was the dumbest movie ever.  haha  

After the movie ended, I put myself to read a book I have read before called "Member Missionary Work and the Work of Salvation" or something like that.  It's an amazing book about how to contact most effectively and work with members.  While I was reading it I realized that I can't blame the reason I'm not having success on anyone else but me.  I've been spending so much time blaming the members or blaming my calling as AP or blaming my area, when really I need to just take responsibility for my failures and go to work!  So many times in life we blame other people for our own failures.  We are too prideful to accept that we did something wrong.  We can't do that!  I'm glad I could realize that at the beginning of this week because it really changed to way I looked at the whole week.  

In that book it also talks a lot about how to really convert people you need to help them realize that, first God will send us prophets, second Joesph Smith was a prophet, third that they can know if he was a true prophet or not by reading one of his fruits, the Book of Mormon, and fourth if they pray and know the Book of Mormon is true, that also means the Church is true!  That is why having a testimony that Jose Smith was a prophet is so important!  It was really nice to have it all click.  I used what I had learned when I was with Elder Underwood and Elder Preul this week.  We went to teach an evangelical lady and they said it was going to be a tricky lesson.  It was my turn to teach and I was blessed with the exact words I needed to tell her to explain simply everything I just told you with scriptural references and my testimony at the end.  It was SO powerful.  I felt really really great to be able to use what I learned along with the spirit to touch the heart of someone else and inspire them to know for themselves if it is true.  

I was also able to use that Animo (ammo?) I got from reading to help out Elder Stoddard and Elder Roman earlier that day.  They've been having some troubles in their area and so I went with them to get them a little more pumped for missionary work and teach them a few tricks.  One of those tricks was don't waste a single second.  We were sitting on a bench waiting for Elder Preul and Elder Underwood to show up and I had the idea that instead of just waiting there we should talk to someone!  There was a lady nearby with one arm sweeping the sidewalk in front of her house.  We offered to help and she was so impressed she invited us in and we shared a little message and she said she wanted to go to our church and become a member.  IT WAS AWESOME!  The Lord helped me give them this little example of why we shouldn't waste a single second of our mission when we could be helping others.  

My first day in the South I realized quickly that I had forgotten totally what the South is like.  On Tuesday I was sitting in a lesson with Elder Chapman, that we had walked an hour to get to, it really hit me where I was.  There were pigs and chickens running around, there wasn't a paved road for miles, there were kids running around naked, and smoke from burning trash was in our faces.  I had completely forgotten how these people live.  They have so little but want to give us everything.  That lady gave us half a fish to eat and some beans.  The next night, while I was with Elder Preul and Elder Underwood, a family wanted so badly to give us food that they ended up just giving us 3 pieces of bread to eat.  It broke my heart that that was literally all the food they had in their pantry and we were eating it.  We tried to tell them we were fine and they wouldn't let us give the bread back.  Family and Friends, please be grateful for what we have.  We seriously have been SOOO blessed!  I hope I never forget that in the future. 

Overall my trip to the South was a good one full of thinking back on old memories and making new ones.  I learned a lot about myself as a missionary and how I can better myself and help other missionaries here be better too!  I can't believe my mission is going by so fast.  I'm going to complete 17 months this week and time has never been moving faster.  Before I know it we'll all be hugging and enjoying all the pleasures this life gives us.  The biggest being the gospel.  Until then, keep your chins up and be good!  I love you.  

Elder Lawson

The ocean in Cendeño with Elder Chapman. (MTC companion!)

Elder Chapman!

Sleeping in a Hammock my night in Cedeño. 
(My first time spending the whole night in one!)

Eating at my favorite place in the south, Churascos!  It's Guatemalen food.  

Wearing my baptism tie the day Angelica got baptized.  I wasn't there!  

Eating at a Mexican resturant in Choluteca with my Comp Elder Mendoza.  

Mexican food beats Honduran food all day every day.  

A Cathedral in a place called San Lorenzo.  
You'll find cathedrals like this in every single town in Honduras.  WITHOUT FAIL.

Eating a Guayava.

Eating the most amazing dounut in the whole world.  
They cost a dollar and five cents and are worth every penny.

Huge and Deliciously Jelly Filled.