Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras

Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras
Heleman 13:4, "And it came to pass that they would not suffer that he should enter into the city; therefore he went and got upon the wall thereof, and stretched forth his hand and cried with a loud voice, and prophesied unto the people whatsoever things the Lord put into his heart."

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Long week without a PDAY!

Hey family and friends!

I hope all you guys are doing great!  Here in Tegus it's been a fun,
fast, and long week.  I know that doesn't really make sense how it
could be a fast and a long week but it was.  Time is seriously flying
by!  Because this week was so crazy I thought I'd separate my email
into a little section for each day.

Monday - After writing you all we went home and tidyed up a bit and
then went to work.  While we were walking I looked to my left and saw
one of the many crazy drugged up guys that lives in our area.  He
looked right back at me and then said "I'm Invisible!" Elder Reyes and
I died laughing and keep on going to our Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening).

Tuesday - A really fun hardworking day.  I went on divisions (Companion
switch for a day) with an Elder from our zone named Elder Jensen.
He's super energetic and crazy.  We had a fun time.  In the morning
we did service and helped a member make piñatas!  That night the
Elders from a city in the east called Danli were going to spend the
night in Tegus and needed something to do so they went out to work
with us!  Guess who I got to go with!?  My Trainer!  Elder Sears and I
teamed up in a trio with Elder Jensen (The trainer of the trainer of
Elder Sears and therefore the trainer of the trainer of my trainer, or
my great-grandpa for all missiony purposes). We taught a great lesson
to a couple that doesn't want to get married because they say they don't
love each other but they want to still live together...oh worldly
people!  Overall it was a fun day.

Wednesday - This day I went on divisiones with another Elder from
outside my zone.  His name is Elder Ward and actually he's the Branch
President where he his.  Hot shot!  I asked him a lot of questions
about how it is being the presiding authority in sacrament meeting and
all.  He said it's a lot of work but a pretty neat experience.

Thursday - In the morning we had a zone confrence of all the zones
here in the city - about 100 missionaries.  I was chosen to conduct
the meeting!  I was a little nervous, but it went really well.  After
the meeting we got special permission from President Hernandez to take
our investigators to see the outside of the temple!  We had a little
devotional with them and it was a neat experience.

Friday - Today Elder Reyes returned to the temple to see a family he
baptized a year ago get sealed.  This left me flying solo for District
meeting.  I did a good job making all of the announcements and
collecting all the needed information.

Saturday - Definitely the most special day of the week!  Alex, Jenny,
and Yansony got baptized!!  By far my favorite baptism of the mission.  They
are such amazing people.  Their conversion story is incredible and
something special so I'm not going to share it here, but let's just
say God works in very mysterious ways and sometimes we don't know why
things have to happen the way that they do but God always has a plan
for us.

Sunday - This day we taught a hardcore Catholic lady.  She's actually
a leader in the Catholic Church, but last week we convinced her to
come to our church!  She loves us and always gives us chips and sodas
because she owns a pulperia (the little stores people make out of
their front porches).

Monday - It was very weird not having a Pday on monday.  Usually
sunday night you are just so incredibly tired you go to bed very
excited to have a day off the next day.  Waking up and going work was
very different.  We decided to start the week off by doing service.
We returned to a member's house we had previously helped out cleaning
their backyard out so they can extend their house.  Basically its a
big dirt hill with a giant stump and our job is to get rid of it using
shovels, wheelbarrows, pickaxes, hatchets, and machetes.  It was a
pretty fun time and a great way to relieve stress by just pounding the

Tuesday - In the morning to do exercise we went to the field by our
house and ran a few laps and then played baseball!  We bought some
used little kid baseball gloves at a thrift store and borrowed a
baseball from a member that said a missionary gave it to him a long
time ago.  It was fun to get out and throw the ball around.  One of our
investigators, a 12 year old named Kelvin, who lives nearby came over
and said he wanted to try.  He'd never touched a baseball or glove
before but we let him have a try.  He was actually pretty good!  I was
impressed at how well he could throw and catch the ball.  Later that
day I lived through a trial.  I had to eat soooooo much.  We had 4
meals given to us that day.  First we had lunch of beans rice and meat
at 2:00, then at 4:00 we had a teaching appointment and the investigator
pulled out of no where two plates of chicken and rice, down it goes!
At 5:30 we had our dinner appointment with an investigator of the other
elders.  She made us beans, rice, and meat again.  It was really good,
but we were so full it was hard to get it all down.  Then to finish
the day we went to our usual Tuesday night meeting at the stake center
with the stake ward mission leader.  He always takes us out to eat
afterwards.  We went to Wendys.  I told him I really wasn't hungry and
only wanted ice cream.  He said that was bad manners and made me eat a
full meal and the frosty.  UGH.  No wonder I'm getting fat....

Wednesday - I again went on divisions but this time to a different
area with an Elder Named Elder Prows.  He goes home in 2 weeks but
he's not letting it affect him.  We went and visited a 13 year old kid
that was going to get baptized last week but had some issues with the
Word of Wisdom.  I was freaking out in his house.  There were rats
running around on the floor and he was petting a rooster.  Welcome to
Honduras.  It really reminded me of my time in Choluteca because it
was just like that everywhere!

Today! - Today we went to the Temple as a zone!  President announced
that our whole mission would be assigned a temple day this month and
we were all very excited.  Being the zone leader I was in charge of
organizing everything.  We decided that it would be fun to go really
early to see the sunrise and also avoid traffic.  We contracted a bus,
got up at 3:50, and took off around 5am. We had a fun time taking
pictures and enjoying the morning breezes.  We also planned a
breakfast and one of the members in our ward stayed up all night
making 120 baleadas for us!  She's so great.  It was a little
stressful planning everything out, but it all went really well in the
end.  The temple was beautiful too!  It's been 9 months now since I've
done a session in the temple so it was such a great rejuvinating
experience.  I hope that's the longest I ever go in my life without
going to the temple!

Well now that I've basically given you a summary of my life this week
I'm sure you're all probably sick of hearing about me.  That's a
perfect opportunity to tell me about you!  I hear school is starting
back up so tell me how your lives are!  I'm pretty sure my address is
still on facebook or use dearelder.com!  It's soooo much easier.  So send
me a letter and tell me how you are!

I miss you guys.  Remember: "Men are that they might have joy!"**

Elder Lawson

** 2 Nefi 2:25, yeah I'm that cool.....

Making Pinatas!

The end product.

Remember Tickle Me Elmo?  
Tyler had one as a baby that he would sit on to make it talk!

Temple at night.

Alex, Jenny and Yansony's baptism!

Service project.

Temple during the day.