Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras

Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras
Heleman 13:4, "And it came to pass that they would not suffer that he should enter into the city; therefore he went and got upon the wall thereof, and stretched forth his hand and cried with a loud voice, and prophesied unto the people whatsoever things the Lord put into his heart."

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Dear Family,

So.....I'm getting fat.  Bummer.  In Choluteca with all the heat and poor members I lost 5 pounds.  But in the month I've been here in the city I've gained 10 pounds!  I'm a fatty fatter now.  :(  It's because every Sunday I usually eat 5 meals.  I hate it sometimes.  

In other news, my recent convert Yessenia just gets more and more pilas!  After bearing her testimony last week in church she went to the temple with the ward this week!  And we got to go with her!  We helped out the ward with confirmations.  My first time to do one!  It was overall a really great experience! 

It's been raining a lot here lately!  We had to run back to the house to get some baptism clothes and there was literally a river in the street!  At least a foot of water! 

The work is going alright, we're just trying to find some new people to teach!  Pray for the work to pick up and give references to the missionaries!  Don't be scared, SHARE THE GOSPEL!!!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!  Hope you're enjoying your trip!  

Thanks everyone for contributing to Elder Lawson's Birthday stash!  I got 17 letters this week!  You're all so great!  :) 

Elder Lawson

Playing with Y*'s kids again!

Little Caesar's Pizza with Elder Fielding

Birthday pile growing!

Looking fly to go to the temple!

Flooded streets

So much rain....

Me with Elder Jensen