Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras

Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras
Heleman 13:4, "And it came to pass that they would not suffer that he should enter into the city; therefore he went and got upon the wall thereof, and stretched forth his hand and cried with a loud voice, and prophesied unto the people whatsoever things the Lord put into his heart."

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Crazy People!

Hey family!  

So this was a pretty nice week!  Sorry for the late email, yesterday was a very busy day and for that reason I didn't have any time to write!  Being a Zone Leader is hard work sometimes!  Right now we've been doing a lot of work to marry some people for our zone.  Like I've explained before, not a single person in Honduras gets married when they should.  Well...gets married at all really.  When a girl gets pregnant the guy either leaves or they decide to live together, but NEVER do they put a ring on it.  So for this reason when we want a family to be baptized they need to be married to complete with the law of chastity.  That's where we come in!  I now officially know how to do all the paperwork on how to marry someone in the country of Honduras.  haha.  

So this week we had a few different encounters with crazy people.  The first one came with a lady in our ward.  She's about 70 years old and 70 years in the ghetto of Honduras can take a toll on people sometimes.  She told us the other day that when she goes out at night she packs heat and then showed us her gun!  SHE'S 70 YEARS OLD!!!  And she's still wielding a gun.  We do FHE's with her family basically every Monday night so we are coming to know them really well.  She ALWAYS feeds us too.  And there is absolutely no declining her food.  Last week she made us this nasty type of tamallie that I hate.  I of course had just eaten dinner before so there was no room for any food let alone a tamallie.  So what do I do?  Eat half of one, and causally stuff the other one in my sock when no one is looking.  Smooth.  I'm getting really good at getting rid of food I don't want to eat without being rude.  In the South I used to throw it out the window when no one was watching.  Still have never been caught!  :)  I just hope I never do because that would be REALLY awkward.  

My second encounter with crazy people came this week at church.  Two people showed up that weren't quite all there in the head.  One was a lady we had talked to before.  To start the lesson she told us she wanted to be baptized.  Then we taught the whole first discussion and at the end she asked us what church we were from and said she thought everything was lies.  Then after talking a bit more she said she wanted to come to church on Sunday.  And she showed up!  She walked in 30 minutes late then sat with our recent convert Yesenia but then 3 minutes later left again, came back with a coke and then 5 minutes after that left and went and did who knows what in the bathroom for like 20 minutes!  I kinda lost track of her and we just let her roam.  Afterwords we saw her sitting in the street and she pretended like she didn't know us.  Hmm....well saved by grace I guess...

The other guy in church showed up and behaved himself.  But after sacrament he went out the back door and started bathing himself in the water spicket out back!  All the members asked us if we knew him but we honestly had never seen him before!  I went to class and never found out what happened to him.  I suppose he went home?  Fun times.  

Well thank you all for the letters that keep flowing in for my birthday! And a special thanks to Aunt Dee for the package!  Gosh these 17 days are going to be hard to wait!  But slowly it comes.  

I love you all so much!  We have changes tomorrow but I don't think anything is going to happen with Elder Reyes and I.  

Enjoy your summertime!  
Elder Lawson

Cool Honduran hat!

Machette I bought last week!

New haircut.

Is the pen mightier than the sword?

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Dear Family,

So.....I'm getting fat.  Bummer.  In Choluteca with all the heat and poor members I lost 5 pounds.  But in the month I've been here in the city I've gained 10 pounds!  I'm a fatty fatter now.  :(  It's because every Sunday I usually eat 5 meals.  I hate it sometimes.  

In other news, my recent convert Yessenia just gets more and more pilas!  After bearing her testimony last week in church she went to the temple with the ward this week!  And we got to go with her!  We helped out the ward with confirmations.  My first time to do one!  It was overall a really great experience! 

It's been raining a lot here lately!  We had to run back to the house to get some baptism clothes and there was literally a river in the street!  At least a foot of water! 

The work is going alright, we're just trying to find some new people to teach!  Pray for the work to pick up and give references to the missionaries!  Don't be scared, SHARE THE GOSPEL!!!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!  Hope you're enjoying your trip!  

Thanks everyone for contributing to Elder Lawson's Birthday stash!  I got 17 letters this week!  You're all so great!  :) 

Elder Lawson

Playing with Y*'s kids again!

Little Caesar's Pizza with Elder Fielding

Birthday pile growing!

Looking fly to go to the temple!

Flooded streets

So much rain....

Me with Elder Jensen

Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy 4th of July!!

This week was great!  On the 4th of July we had our Zone workshop and all dressed very patriotically!  It was really fun.  I gave my first lesson as a zone leader and I think it went really well!  I taught about prayer and how if we have enough faith anything is possible.  I truely believe that.  With enough faith and prayer we can move mountians.  I've seen some mountians moved in my mission! Yesterday my first convert here, Y*, went up and bore her testimony!  It was the coolest thing ever! The first time for sure that that has happened for me.  I seriously couldn't stop smiling when she got the courage to go up there.  

I realized you can see the Temple from my area.  It's super cool.  It's way on the other side of the city so it looks like an ant hill, but still sweet to be sooo close!  One day I'll finally get to go back.  

Embarassing moment - Yesterday we were walking back from lunch appt #2 (We had 2 lunches and 2 dinners yesterday, I thought I was going to explode.) We were walking down a super streep dirt road and I lost my footing a fell all the way to the ground.  Elders Reyes, Underwood, and Prows all started laughing at me but not just them, I looked up the realize that I was right in front of a Catholic Church and all of them were laughing at me too!  It was quite embarassing.  Us stupid gringos...

N* got baptized this week!  She's a little girl that always went to church with her grandma.  She asked me to baptize her!  She loves when we come over to visit her and wants to serve a mission!  

Everyone here the ward is starting to call me Kolipoki.  They think I look like the guy from the other side of Heaven.  I don't know, maybe it's just the combed over hair.  

Crazy City thing - This week it's not really a story, just something I saw.  I taught a guy that had a huge cross shaved into his chest.  It went from nipple to nipple and then down past his belly button.  Yup, there's some nut jobs in honduras!  But he has a great intrest to learn more about Joseph Smith!  

MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 1 MONTH!!!  I've already gotten some birthday stuff and I've decided I'm going to wait until my actual birthday to open everything.  SO there's still time to send things!  They get here surprizingly fast now that I'm in the city.  I've made a little stand to put everything I recieve on so send it quick!  Send your favorite Elder some love!!  :)  

Thank you all for everything!  You're so great!  

Elder Lawson

Birthday stand with gifts waiting to be opened!

Rain, rain, go away!

Wendy's outing for the 4th of July.


All the gringoes in the zone.

N*'s baptism!

With Y*'s kids, J* and N* - too cute!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pants too high

Hola familia!!

How are all of you??  I'm doing great!  Time here is just flying by like no other!  This week especially went by really fast and sooooo much happened!  Ever since I got here I've just been busy out of my mind!  So first the title of my email is ¨pants too high¨ because all the guys in my zone make fun of their poor zone leader because his pants are too high!  I don't mind though, I take pride in my high pants!  (Not sure if he pulls them up or if he is growing and they are getting too small.)  I'm happy to have already won the respect and friendship of the members of my zone.  I've been super blessed with some great missionaries.  My zone actually baptized the the most out of any zone in the mission this month! So Elder Reyes and I were really excited about that.  

Super Funny Story - So this week Elder Reyes and I were visiting and one of our citas with J* (the lady that got baptized this week) fell back a half an hour because she was running late picking her kids up from school.  She's a single mom and she's incredible.  I'll explain her story below, but anyways we got a call from her that said she'd be late, it was raining hard and I had the idea to just wait for her at the bus stop so we could help her with her two kids to get to the house in the rain.  While we're waiting under an overhang hiding from the rain (not sure why because we had already gotten soaked) a random drunk guy came up to me.  Not sure why, but the local drunks LOVE talking to the missionaries.  They never give us trouble just say stuff about the states and ask for money.  This time the guy came up to us and asked us what church we were from, I responded with ¨La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias¨ before I even finished he said ¨me too!¨ which I didn't believe for a second.  He then asked me for a foyetto.  I lied and said I didn't have one because we're not supposed to give them to drunks because, believe it or not, they used them to roll joints of weed and smoke it.  Kinda sad, smoking pictures of Jesus.  But after I told him I didn't have any, I did give him a pass along card.  He sat there in silence with us for a few moments and then I looked back to the rain.  I then felt a tap on my shoulder.  When I turn around he hands me a pack of matches.  I'm like ¨Uhhh thanks¨ and he just starts walking away.  I was like ¨what the heck?¨and then he turns back and taps my comp on the shoulder and gives him and used tub of toothpaste that he clearly just took out of the garbage.  I start dying laughing at this point.  He then taps me again and gives me a broken calculator.  I just bust out laughing!  It was serioulsy the funniest thing ever.  He then turns to us and does and thumbs up and says "Amigos? amigos?¨ we say, ¨Amigos!¨ and he goes on his merry way.  You might have had to be there but I couldn't stop laughing all day about this experience.  Gifts from a bolo!  

So J* is serioulsy a gift from Heaven.  She's a perfect investigator.  I told you a little bit about her a little while back.  She was a reference from some other elders that we went to contact.  At first we couldn't find her house but at the last minute I saw a house in the distance and it was hers!  So she's a single mom, her husband got shot by the local gang 2 years ago and she lives with her two kids and her sister.  Her mom died when she was 10 and her grandma that raised her died when she was 17.  She's a saint.  You can't tell at all that she's been though such hardships.  We taught her and she immediately accepted everything we said and came to church with us 3 weeks in a row.  Her two little kdis are adorable.  I'll get some pictures of them this week.  During the lessons they are known to climb all over us and give us make overs by combing our hair and one time spraying us with perfume!  It was really funny, but I love those kids.  On Saturday she got baptized!  It was awesome to see her finally get baptized.  

I'd love to start getting some hand written letters!  I'm gonig to try and start writing some more now.  I get stuff super fast!  And I don't really have all that much computer time anymore.  (Oh and also my birthday is comming up... ;) 

Happy 4th of July!  I hope you all are celebrating for me!  I miss you all and hope you're enjoying your summer!  

Elder Lawson

Gifts from the drunk guy

Zone members

J*'s baptism