Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras

Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras
Heleman 13:4, "And it came to pass that they would not suffer that he should enter into the city; therefore he went and got upon the wall thereof, and stretched forth his hand and cried with a loud voice, and prophesied unto the people whatsoever things the Lord put into his heart."

Monday, May 13, 2013

6 more weeks in Las Unidas!

This was quite the crazy week!  We had changes this week and so I thought I might be leaving because I've been here in Choluteca for 6 months now.  But I didn't!  I'll be here officially until the 12th of June I think.  Changes did bring some sadness though.  One of my best friends in the mission, Elder Magana, left for Tegoose!  :(  It was really sad to see him go.  I lived with him for 3 months and I've seen him at every church meeting and district meeting and meal times for 3 more months.  I'm now officially the only one left of the 4 of us that lived together when Elder Sears and I opened the Area.  Zamora, Magana, Sears, and Me.  Now just me!  So because I thought I might leave I actually went around and said goodbye to all of the members and converts in my area.  It was really sad.  Even though I didn't leave, I got a taste of what it's going to be like to leave.  SO SAD.  Although I'm getting a little tired of Las Unidas, the thought of leaving kills me.  I love these people sooo much I don't want to leave them.  

Crazy Sad Story of the Week - So on Wednesday night at about 10:30 we got a call from a family we've been teaching.  They just moved here in February from up north in San Pedro.  The mom and older siblings are members, but the younger two boys aren't.  The story of how we met them is pretty cool.  It was about 8 o'clock one night and we didn't have anything to do and were tempted to just go home early.  but I had a thought that we'd better go pass by one more house we had contacted a few weeks back.  We showed up and they weren't there, but this led us to meet the family!  Although we didn't know it the spirit lead us to them!  cool!  So anyway, we'd been teaching them for about a week or so when we got this call.  I picked up the phone and it was just a lady crying.  Crying Spanish doesn't really work out too well for me so I passed the phone to Elder Briones.  We found out that they had been kicked out of their house by their Aunt that they had been living with and had no where to stay.  We immediately got dressed again and went over to the house they were living in.   at this point it was really late, like 11.  I was kinda scared to be walking the streets this late because it's super dangerous here in Honduras.  We went to a member's house and knocked on the door and called a bunch, but they didn't answer.  We didn't know what to do so we prayed for answers.  We walked them back to their house and told them we were really sorry but couldn't do anything because it's against the rules for them to sleep at our house and even more so because they have a teenage daughter.  They ended up having to sleep outside and we'd pass by in the morning.  We passed by and bought them some breakfast because they didn't have a single penny.  That night we bought them dinner and talked to some people about getting money so they could take a bus home.  It's about 60 bucks for all of them to go home.  We got the money and gave it to them the next morning.  They are now happily sitting in San Pedro and I hope are doing well there.  It was just a very very humbling experience.  I can't imagine not having a house or even money for a little food.  So all you people out there, please, PLEASE be grateful for what you have.  You have been so blessed.  Instead of focusing on all you "need" in your life think about all the many things the Lord has blessed you with!  Because you really have sooo much.  

A quick little spiritual thought then I got to go.  This week I finally bought a stereo to play all my church music!  I was listening to a song I really like from the EFY 2008.  It's called "Let it Begin". Listen to it!  I'm sure you can search it online.  But really listen to the words.  It made me want to cry it's sooo pretty.  And what it says is TRUE!  Everyone makes mistakes, we're human.  But the thing that really matters is how we handle them.  Don't hide them and hold them in.  Start the repentance process.  You have been blessed with a Savior who loves you and he wants to to come back to him.  It's never too late.  It may seem super duper hard, you may feel like people won't understand, you may be nervous, but it's worth it!  They'll understand.  Who ever you've hurt will always love you.  To be completely clean again is worth it all.  So lift that burden off your chest, Talk to the people necessary and REPENT!!  

Thanks to everyone for always loving and supporting me!  
Elder Lawson

PS - I'm soooooo excited for Mother's day!!!!!  :))

Playing soccer with my converts on my "last" day.

Jumping rope with little girls.

Service project.

The family we helped get back to San Pedro.

Gathering firewood.  People here literally cook all their meals over fires.

Bringing firewood to our baptism this week.

B*'s baptism.


Chinese food with Elder Clawson, Elder Wilson and our awesome Latin comps.