Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras

Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras
Heleman 13:4, "And it came to pass that they would not suffer that he should enter into the city; therefore he went and got upon the wall thereof, and stretched forth his hand and cried with a loud voice, and prophesied unto the people whatsoever things the Lord put into his heart."

Thursday, April 4, 2013

La Semana Santa

Buenas días mis amores!  

This week was quite the busy one.  I think it was the fastest week of my mission by far.  time keeps going by faster and faster and sometimes I just want it to slow down!  It's insane to think that it's now April.  I've been in the mission 7 months!  What the Heck??!   
So this week, the week of Easter, here is called "la semana santa" or the translation "Holy Week."  Really it's like spring break for everyone.  No one works and instead they all go the beach or the pool to relax.  It's usually the hottest week of the year but the first few days of the week were pretty cool!  I didn't sweat too much those days, so that's a plus!  Apparently there was a HUGE storm in Tegoose and so that's why we had some cool weather.  But on Thursday the heat came back and it was freaking strong!  Hottest days of the mission yet.  You seriously can't stand in the sun or you'd melt.  But besides the heat there's a bunch of other traditions for la semana santa.  One is these guys that go around wearing masks pulling pranks on people.  We watched for a little bit, but I didn't understand a thing they said so it wasn't super funny for me.  Another odd thing about Honduras is the people here love soup.  It makes zero sense to me because it's so freaking hot I have no idea why anyone would want to eat soup!  One soup special to la semana santa is "Sopa de torta de pescado", or in English Fish bread soup.  It's bread that has pieces of fish, complete with bone and everything, baked into the bread.  they then take this and put it in the soup.  The people here call it delicious and I call it delicious when talking to them, but in reality it's terrible. 
On Saturday I had the great opportunity to go back to El Truinfo!  It's part of my district so my Comp and I went out there to do a baptisimal interview.  It was seriously so hot. We walked for about a half an hour to get to the interivew and then a half an hour walk back.  I got to the church in Truinfo and we started filling the font.  I soaked my head in water and laid under the fan to cool off.  I think that picture is one of my favorites of the mission.  Just totally EXAUSTED.  That's how the mission is!  Always tired.  I get home each night and can't wait to get to sleep.  But I love it.  All this busy-ness running around is so fun! 
M* got baptized this week!  We've had her as an investigator for a long time.  Elder Sears and I found her just contacting.  We were walking in our area and it was my turn to contact so we just said hey how's it going and set up a time to come back.  We kept teaching and put a baptism date but she said she wasn't ready.  That day passed and so we put another one and again she said she wasn't ready.  We then had to have a serious talk with her.  She said she wanted to be baptised but not yet.  So we told her that she needed to put a date herself.  She decided on her birthday (this Wednesday) and she went through with it!  I think she's been one of my favorite baptisms yet.  Just because I saw her make a total transition and we've been teaching her forever. 
Yesterday we had a pretty interesting experience.  We were visiting my converts A* and her family.  Her husband then came in and started to preach to us from the Bible and how there's only one Bible and we don't need the Book of Mormon.  The funny thing is he's a member.  He was baptized when he was a teenager but now goes to a Catholic church.  I showed him one of my favorite scriptures 2nd Nephi 29:3,4, and 8.  I read them with such power and it was really cool to hear the power that comes from the Book of Mormon!  

I love you!  Take care!  
Elder Lawson
M*'s baptism!

Bear Creek, Colorado t-shirt!

Baptism cake!

Ghetto PB&J.  Desperate times in Honduras.

Hot and exhausted

Pretending to steal the super duper nice speakers in the church.