Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras

Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras
Heleman 13:4, "And it came to pass that they would not suffer that he should enter into the city; therefore he went and got upon the wall thereof, and stretched forth his hand and cried with a loud voice, and prophesied unto the people whatsoever things the Lord put into his heart."

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's already Monday?!

Hello loved ones!!  

Holy Cow this week FLEW by!  It could honestly still be Thursday.  But that's a good thing!  I'm finally getting fully thrown into the work, and it feels so great!  Quick shout out to Kylie for her Birthday today!  She's 20 if you didn't know, what a Grandma!  So Happy Birthday to her!  

I have my first baptism this weekend!  His name is Orlin.  He's only 8 years old but he really likes the church!  He's been going with his neighbors for the last 4 months!  So we're finally going to baptize him this Saturday.  (He will actually be baptized by someone in their ward - it's a mission rule - but the missionaries get credit for it.)  We have another investigator named Nicole!  And she's also only 9.  Yeah lots of little kids, but they're the only ones that have really strong desires to go to chruch!  But Nicole lives on top of a HUGE mountian that we have to climb everytime to get to her house.  We first met her one day while we were walking we saw her carrying a huge bag of water to her house and we could tell she was struggling.  So of course I offered to help her and took the water.  She kept telling us to go higher and higher up this mountian until we were seriously at the top and there was her house!  Later we came back to teach her and she was home alone.  The kids here are seriously so mature. She was home alone taking care of her 2 year old brother and watching the house because they don't have locks and there are a lot of thieves that live near by.  She's NINE!  It's insane how fast kids grow up here.  But she's got the sweetest heart and she came to church with us yesterday and loved it!  (I asked if the parents approve these baptisms and he responded: "They are super approving!  She really wants us to take her kids to church.  She investigated the church years back but can't get baptized since her husband is already married to another woman and has 2 different families.")  On Friday night there was a ward talent show and we got a TON of people from or area to come!  Elder Sears and I were stoked!  We had a tiny buscito to bring everyone!  (See pictures)  We fit 25 people into that little bus!  Honduras Style!  It was great.  A member drove and I was hanging out of the side with the door open.  (PLEASE pray for his safety!  This isn't the first story he has told me about the driving situations he finds himself in down there.)

I'm really starting to love the food here.  Baleadas are definitely my favorite!  Really all it is is a tortilla with beans and cheese and cream but it's so great! We buy them off the street whenever possible and it's sooo good!  It's crazy to think I didn't like it at first!  

Thanks a ton for the constant support!  And thanks to Aunt Sarah, the Plumbs, and Grandma for the letters! 

Elder Lawson

Update on Tyler's move to the house he was helping to fix up.  The mission president said they couldn't move in because the husband of the couple works too much and his wife is young!  Also, Tyler's been sick with a cold for 4 weeks now and is finally feeling better.  His nose was green so I told him to go to a doctor.  He said: "Haha I'm not going to a doctor mom unless I'm dying.  But there are no laws here and I'm sure I could buy prescription drugs at a pharmacy.  But it's not green anymore so I'm good.  Just keep working and it all gets better!"

I also asked him what he did that day for p-day and if he does any tracting.  He said, "Cleaned the house, ate baleadas and a paupausa, played basketball for 3 hours, ate lunch at Wendy's and came to the internet cafe.  We just teach lessons run around finding people and bringing them to activities.  We actually haven't done much contacting lately just been teaching the people we have."  
Tons of pictures this week!  He said he forgot where he was this week so he's getting used to it!  Tyler's comments underneath:

An Iguana!  Gyrobos are brown iguana's are green.

Studying my cool new planner.

Elder Magana.

Elder Zamora.

A typical Honduran house of sticks.

Me eating a chili!  I ate the whole thing! I'm starting to get a liking for spicy food.  We put hot sauce on everything cause it's super plain without.  

The most basic of basic honduran meal.  Rice beans tortillas and an egg.  
Costs about 10 cents, but I love it.  

Me making tortillas with less actives!  Called molear(ing)

A little less active boy that's freaking cute. 

Honduran kitchen.  Tyler helping to make tortillas.

25 people in one van.

Getting ready to leave for the ward talent show.

My sweat-stained pants after one day of wearing.

Working with the primary!  

BALEADAS!!!  yum!  

This is my first papausa!  I ate it this morning!  You can show this one to Josh Hardman.  Paupausas are the heart of el Salvador like baleadas are the heart of Honduras!  

Tyler sent me this one as we were both online so I could "see" him as we spoke.

Internet cafe they email from each week.

Toy Missionaries converting all the other toys!

New Years's eve!  (The food wasn't very good likewise Christmas.)

An average family picture in Honduras.  They're super funny it's just a bunch of photo shop and super cheesy!