Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras

Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras
Heleman 13:4, "And it came to pass that they would not suffer that he should enter into the city; therefore he went and got upon the wall thereof, and stretched forth his hand and cried with a loud voice, and prophesied unto the people whatsoever things the Lord put into his heart."

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'm seriously in Honduras!!

Hola loved ones!!!

How was your week??  Mine was great!!  It went by super quick and we had an investigator come to church with us!!!!  YEAHHHH  BABY!!!  I was so incredibly happy when I saw him putting on his shoes and getting ready to come with us.  He´s only 12 but he´s really interested in the church!!  His name is Moises which translates to Moses.  He´s party of a big family that we teach regularly but the rest of them had excuses of why they couldn´t come with us.  Welcome to my life!!  EVERYBODY´s GOT STORIES.  Am I right or am I right?  Everybody wants to talk to us and listen to the "palabra de Dios" but when it comes time to actually act, they flake!  But that´s what a mission is all about, huh?  It´s by far the hardest, HARDEST thing I´ve ever done in my life, but boy is it rewarding!  When I see the joy the gospel brings to people´s lives all the thoughts of hardships and troubles leave!  I love it.  I´m almost at 4 weeks here in Honduras and I´m finally used to it!  I can do this!  

So here´s a rough sketch of my daily schedule:  I wake up every morning between 5 and 6 with stomach pains to hit up the bathroom back and forth - usually twice.  Then it´s back to sleep until my alarm goes off at 6:30.  From there I get up and mosey around for a bit and depending on how my stomach is feeling, about 4 times a week, I run laps around the yard for 20 or 30 minutes.  I really like the running.  It´s an amazing time to just clear my head and think about my life here in Honduras.  After that I eat breakfast, usually a bowl of cereal (The milk here is super different and doesn´t need to be refridgerated until after opening).  Then every day besides Sunday, Monday, and Thursday (Monday=PDAY, Sunday=church/getting people to come to church, and Thursday=district meeting at the stake center) is study time!  We study various things from scriptures in Spanish and English.  Studying Preach My Gospel in the Spanish language and sometimes we do role plays with our companions.  This is all mixed in with various Iguana hunting breaks.  Then it´s off to area number one, se llama Las Unidas!  It´s huge!  Then it gets a little dangerous there at night and the last bus comes at sundown so around 6 we go to our other area, se llama Areas Lagos.  That one is super duper safe and all the people are really nice.  It´s tiny and pretty much everyone knows us by now.  During our time in both areas we either teach lessons or make contacts.  Everyone here is super nice so contacting is really easy.  Everyone´s houses are too hot so they all just sit outside.  We go up to them and just make conversation and invite them to let us come back or invite them to church or give them a pamphlet/Book of Mormon.  This week we met a lady and she immeditely said, "wait here" and ran back to get charis and water for us!  We taught her a lesson on the spot!  Lessons are 30 min to an hour and during that we explain all the church doctrine.  I´m fine at teaching in Spanish, it´s just really hard to understand the people when they talk to me!  I thnk that´s when I´m happiest.  When I´m sitting in a plastic lawn chair, on their front porch, or standing, because they can´t afford chairs, and just testifying from my heart that this gospel is true.  I love to just look into their eyes and tell them they have a Father in heaven who loves them. It´s so great!  Then between 8 and 9 we head for home, plan for the next day and my goal is to be in bed at 9:45 but it´s usually around 10:15.  I usually fall asleep in like less than 3 minutes because I´m just so dead tired!  

So here´s some more about the food!  I didn´t mean to make it sound so terrible!  Usually it´s not bad!  And I´m getting used to it so that´s super good!  EVERY single meal comes with tortillas.  We went to a Chinese place the other day and they served the meal with tortillas!  haha!  but the meals we usually get are: beans, rice, and some sort of meat.  At times there´s platinos and diced veggies or potatos.  But the cheese here is pretty gross!  I usually eat it with other stuff to try and cover up the taste.  Baleadas are the pride of Honduras and they live up to it!  They´re just a tortilla with beans and butter and a little cheese, but boy are they good!  I´m also in LOVE with the fruit and juices here!  The oranges are a greenish color but they are sooo much better!  They are just super duper sweet!  And the OJ is to die for!  The "eat all the food on your plate" rule is killing me though!  I´ve done everything from chucking food into ditches when the people leave, to burying it in the dirt to be "polite"!  I´ve decided on a new invention.  I¨m going to invent missionary pants with a built in bag to casually put extra food!  I´ll make millions!  

It´s not an unusual occurance for a chicken to walk into a house during a lesson!  This week we were teaching and a chicken just walked in!  Also the lights go out a bunch and we taught a lesson this week in the pitch dark!  I´m really starting to get used to things here and I like it!  I had a great opportunity this week to give my first blessing in Spanish!  I had done anointings since being here, but a member chose me to actually give the blessing this time!  It was so scary!  But I was able to do it.  The tough part is in regular talk you always use the "usted" form in Spanish because it is more polite, but in blessings you use the "tu" form!  So that was the pressure but I just let the spirit guide and it was alright!  

And I have good news!!  The mail finally came!!  On Tuesday I got a letter from Grandma, Mom, Kylie, and Aunt Sarah!  I also got a package from Aunt Sarah!  Thank you soooo much!  Then earlier today the letter Gods rained down on me and I got a Christmas card from Aunt Taryn, and dear elder´s from Aunt Sarah and Mom, and a letter from Andrew Lauer!   Thank you all sooooo much!!  Getting letters is seriously the best!  So from what I get it looks like it takes 15 to 25 days for letters to get here which isn´t as bad as I thought!  Not too many emails this week!  I miss you!  

I love you all!  Good luck on finals peeps!!  
Elder Lawson

Cookies from Aunt Sarah!

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