Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras

Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras
Heleman 13:4, "And it came to pass that they would not suffer that he should enter into the city; therefore he went and got upon the wall thereof, and stretched forth his hand and cried with a loud voice, and prophesied unto the people whatsoever things the Lord put into his heart."

Monday, December 17, 2012

Honduras, my lovely home!


I´m sorry to admit this, but this will be my last email because the world is going to end this Friday!  Dec. 21, 2012!  Haha well, I don´t think it will, but at least 50% of people here ask us if the Mayan calendar is correct!  It´s pretty funny.  Vamos a ver!  But how are all of you!? I had such a freaking great week this week!  I took almost 100 photos!  And for those of you who know me, you know I love pictures and when I´m taking the most pictures I´m having the most fun!  

To start off on Wednesday I got to go to Tegucigalpa!!!  It was my first time going back to the city since I got here, so needless to say I was really excited!  We went up for our mission-wide Christmas party!  It was at a HUGE 3 story chapel and was probably the best day of my mission!  We left on a bus at 5 a.m. (It´s about a 3 hour bus ride.) We had to sleep at the Zone Leaders´s house the night before and I ended up sleeping on the floor.  When we got to Tegu we had a nice testimony meeting and after got a special surprize, a trip to the TEMPLE!!!  I was soooo excited!  There has been so much hype here for the temple lately because they announced the dedication and open house dates!  And I get to go to the temple every 3 months once it´s open!  I´m soo lucky!  But the temple was beautiful and I got some great pics!  After we ate dinner and it was a total holiday meal!  Turkey and mashed potatos and pie!  Surprisingly, I was most excited about the salad!  I don´t eat any vegtables here, so the salad was a super nice treat!  I remember all the times I never wanted to eat salad as a kid and I have no idea what I was thinking!  To finish they gave us the decision to either watch a movie - they showed "Brave" in spanish - or play basketball.  I chose to play basketball to get to know people better.  But it was such an awesome trip!!  

Today was a really great day as well!  Instead of doing the usual "go to the church and play basketball and sit around" PDAY we went to hike a peña which is like a mountian that´s super flat on the top.  It was so cool!  And the view was amazing!  I took a bunch of pictures and had a great time exploring and playing American Football!!  I miss playing and watching football so much!  It was really fun, Honduras is beautiful!  

This week I think I really started to LOVE my mission!  My stomach is already used to the food and everyday is a new adventure!  Running on dirt streets after buses, throwing rocks at vicious dogs, and eating lots and lots of beans and tortillas!  I´m slowly gaining back my weight and best of all I´m super tall!!  In church we all stood up to sing and I could see the front all the way from the back because everyone here is so short!  There are just so many little things here that make me happy and I´m grateful for all of them!  I have been blessed with sooo much, especially having the gospel in my life!  I love you all and I love this gospel so so much!  Read your scriptures and say your prayers!  Have FHE and pray as a family!  I beg you!  And help the missionaries!  Feed them and give them references and teach with them!  (He thinks his stomach problems were from the milk.  He ran out this week and then read my email telling him the milk probably wasn't pasteurized and put two and two together since he has been feeling better.  Thanks Kim Smith for enlightening us!)

Have a great week!  Christmastime is here!!  Enjoy the cold for me!  

Elder Lawson

PS - And keep the prayers coming!  The Spanish is coming along well and I´m finally adjusted to everything so thanks for the help!  

Some answers to questions this week.  The Toy Story window covering is Elder Zamora's.  There are no curtains so he hung up a blanket.  Tyler has his laundry done by someone every week and a half.  He has to wash his own towel because it takes awhile.  Luckily I sent him another one for day 1 of the 12 days of Christmas so now he can send his out to be washed properly.  He does have a fridge but obviously it only works with power!  He also has a portable DVD/CD player and was thrilled that I sent him 3 hours of Mormon Tabernacle choir music for day 3 of the 12 days of Christmas.  Email me if anyone out there has any questions to ask Tyler: MLawson0904@gmail.com.

Cooking outside because their power was turned off after no one paid the bill.  Actually, the electric company doesn't remotely turn off the power, they come out and cut the cord!!  So they had to get a member to come out and fix it for them.

Drinking morning juice on the 3 hour bus ride to Tegucigalpa.

Tyler with Elder Smith.  I've become good friends with his mom because of their friendship!  Apparently that hideous tie also plays music!

Tegucigalpa temple opening in February.

Tyler and his companion, Elder Sears.

Spagettios Tyler made himself.

The 12 days of Christmas begin!  
This was a microfiber towel that dries quickly in humidity.

And converting the chickens now.....

Roommates from Mexico.  Still don't know their names!

Acting out the figurines that are on the table.  I sent them for day 2 of the 12 days of Christmas.  One is a white elder and one is a brown elder.  When I bought them I assumed he would always been with elders from South America!  
I didn't think his first comp would be white!

Pictures of the p-day hike.  When I begged him in my last email to only drink the bagged water he said, "Don't worry mom, if we didn't drink the bagged water we would die!"

The following are some more pictures I STUPIDLY asked for.  Tyler keeps talking about the bugs and iguana's down there so I told him to send pics.  Now I won't be able to sleep at night!  YUCK!

Look to the left of the pic and you can see how fast these iguana's run!

Apparently this guy LIVES in their ceiling!  They keep trying to catch him but haven't succeeded yet.  They want to kill him and eat him and use his skin to make "cool" things out of it!  I told him to leave the poor thing alone but I guess it makes all kinds of racket and they are determined to catch it.