Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras

Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras
Heleman 13:4, "And it came to pass that they would not suffer that he should enter into the city; therefore he went and got upon the wall thereof, and stretched forth his hand and cried with a loud voice, and prophesied unto the people whatsoever things the Lord put into his heart."

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week I was able to chat with Tyler over email back and forth because we both happened to be online at the same time!  I asked him a variety of questions and have included his answers throughout or in blue.

Hola amigos!  

How was your Thanksgiving??  I totally forgot Thanksgiving was this week until my mom told me on Monday.  This week went well!  But boy is it hot here, like 90+ degrees and humid as ever!  And I hear this is the COOL time of the year...I hear it's like 105 in March through May!  Choluteca Honduras is insane!  (A lot of bugs because of the heat, cockroaches, spiders and tons of ants in their house.  He said he isn't scared of them though.)

So despite missing out on Football, Turkey, Stuffing, Pumpkin pie, and Family, I actualy had a pretty good Thanksgiving!  It started out fasting, yup fasting!  I can now say I've fasted on Thanksgiving!  Here we fast every 15 days to add money to a fund for all the weddings since the people here are dirt poor and weddings are expensive!  But I broke my fast with KFC!  We went there in honor of Thanksgiving and it was soooooo nice to have some mashed potatoes!  I miss American food a ton.  We have a lady that cooks lunch for us everyday and it's always rice and beans and a little meat.  I don't really like it all that much and it's super hard to finish it all, but I did it this week!  There's a picture of me with my empty plate!  After eating and such we taught two really great lessons to investigators who seem really interested in learning more!  I think that's the happiest feeling ever, when investigators really care to learn more.  I love it!  So that's why it was such a great day!  (He is still losing weight. They eat at American fast food restaurants - Pizza Hut, KFC, etc. - twice a week but he said it is different than the fast food we have here.)

I really wish you could all see what I see everyday (like the Truman Show!).  It's truly jaw dropping.  First, there's trash EVERYWHERE.  It makes me sick.  And when people do have trash to get rid of here, they just burn it.  So all you people driving hybrid cars in the US, you're wasting you time because Honduras is killing the planet.  Al Gore would have a heart attack if he were here.  Another funny thing about Honduras is the people!  They are all super nice but super dumb.  We'll ask them questions and they'll just look at us.  We asked an old man the other day what the most important thing in his life was and he couldn't tell us.  We said maybe your family, your job, your house.  Still nothing.  Also there are some people that are nice and invite us in and then reject us the whole time!  Like I said, crazy and dumb.  One thing I can't get used to is public breast feeding.  Women here just whip out their boob when ever they like and start feeding their kids.  And they don't cover up at all.  Super uncomfortable.  Whether it be in a lesson, in Pizza Hut, in a park, and even in church!  I guess it's just part of their culture, but it's definitely not part of mine!  Like I said, It's hard to get used to.  And guys here either don't wear shirts or lift up their shirts.  It's so hot I don't blame them, but it's still weird.  We'll be talking to a man and he'll just randomly pull his shirt up halfway, showing us his big belly and leave it up.  Haha so weird.  And when people do wear shirts they probably have no idea what they say!  Our investigator was wearing one that said "I'm proud of my Liberty middle school cheerleader."  And a member was wearing a really dirty one that implied breaking the word of wisdom and law of chastity!  It was really funny because he probably didn't have any idea.  I'm in a pretty strong ward in a realy nice building!  Well when I say really nice it's comparative to here.  It's still a ton worse than the oldest buildings in Colorado.  And we ride the bus everyday to our area and usually walk home.  I love the buses here!  They're so crazy.  There's about 25 missionaries in my zone and there are 4 zones in the South, 3 in Danli in the East, and 4 in the city.  Only a few native Sister missionaries.  And EVERYONE stares at us all the time for being gringo.  But everyone is also super nice when we talk to them!  Haha funny story a teenage member of our ward was in our house the other day and he saw one of my pictures of Abby and said "Tan bonita ella.  Yo voy a robarla"  haha what a creep, but I guess it's a complement to her!  (Google translated this to: "She's so pretty.  I'm going to steal."  Abby just laughed, but it freaked me out!)

Things are just really crazy down here.  But here's the best story of the week! We were sitting at the bus stop and a crazy guy came up and started talking to us in English!  He said he got in a car accident in the US and he was here because he had to lay low because some Germans wanted to kill him.  He then took a huge wad of cream and put it up his nose.  He told us that his Chinese brother doesn't like him and he wants to kill him.  We told him drugs were bad and he went off about how he agreed really intensely that drugs were terrible for people because drugs tickle the hairs that are inside your body and give you diareahhea.  Yeah I don't get it either.  But the best was when he told us that the Greeks don't believe drugs are bad and they are the reason for WW1, WW2 and world wars 6, 7, and 8.  I guess I've been on my mission longer than I thought...  haha

My companion is Elder Alec Sears.  He was at BYU at the same time as me and in the hall right next to mine! We went to a ton of the same parties and events!  Small world huh?  He's from Ventura, CA and I like him a lot.  I can't explain how great it is having someone I can speak English to.  He ran Cross Country in high school so we've got that in common too!  (They run laps around their huge yard every day to keep in shape.)  As for my two roomates they're both from Mexico and speak zero English.  One is from Cancun!  I don't know much more.  But they are really hard working and I like them a lot!  (So far no sightseeing on p-days and there are no ruins in his mission, but he did say some elders went to the beach nearby so he might do that.)

Thank you all sooo much for the love and support!  Thanks to Aunt Sarah and Uncle John for the letter!  It's the only one I've got since I've been here.  It takes like 3 weeks for mail to get all the way to me.  But the good news is I'm allowed to email people!  So feel free to send me emails, I get two hours in the cafe and it's only about 50 cents an hour, just don't overload me too much! tyler.lawson@myldsmail.net  Again I love you all and have a great last week of November!  

He's getting homesick and a little depressed thinking he will be there for 21 more months, so please be careful what you write.  It's best to stick with the boring stuff of life and ask questions about what he is doing instead to keep him focused.  I learned that the hard way.  Scriptures you found interesting, spiritual experiences, Ensign articles, etc. are all good things to talk about.  And keep it brief if you want him to have time to write back!  He will adjust in a few months and be able to handle all the talk of fun times soon enough.

Pray for my Spanish!  Because it sucks...  But, I'll get it!  The work is going great!  I'll probably have some baptisms here pretty soon!  (They teach about 4 lessons a day and have a goal of 25 contacts a day.  I assume the crazy guy at the bus counted as a contact?)

Elder Lawson

You may still write to Tyler through DearElder.com.  His mission is FREE for letters sent through the pouch system.  He would LOVE to get physical mail and DearElder.com is best for that.  Here is his address to send longer letters, Christmas cards, or packages to: (Christmas cards are only $1.05 to send.)

Elder Tyler Mac Lawson
Honduras Tegucigalpa Mission
Colonia Florencia Norte, Contiguo a SEARS
Entre Boulevard Suyapa y PriceSmart
Edificio Plaza America, 3er Piso
Tegucigalpa M.D.C. HONDURAS C.A.

I didn't understand this pic so I asked.  He said "It's a sunset you silly!"  He's already forgetting where we live.  Colorado sunsets can only be beat by California!

Elder Smith, Elder Sears, Elder Lawson, Elder ?, and the Zone Leader Elder Adams.  Of this pic he said, "In that picture are me and my comp and then 3 other random Elders.  The one across from me is my zone leader he's soooo cool!  I love him.  But he's a University of Utah fan so..."

Look Mom, I finally cleaned my plate!

Converting all those in the Lord's Kingdom.