Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras

Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras
Heleman 13:4, "And it came to pass that they would not suffer that he should enter into the city; therefore he went and got upon the wall thereof, and stretched forth his hand and cried with a loud voice, and prophesied unto the people whatsoever things the Lord put into his heart."

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Come Unto Christ (Week 7)

¿¿Comó están ustedes??  I hope you had as good a week as I did!! 
Ok so news of the week - On Sunday I was relased as District Leader and Elder Vincent was called (my 6 weeks were up).  It's nice not having to stress about my district anymore, but the biggest bummer is I no longer get to go get the mail!  :( It used to be my favorite part of every day!  I would sing the mail song from Blue's Clues "Here's the mail it never fails, it makes me want to wag my tail, when it comes I want to wail!!!!  MAILLLLLL!!!"  
In other news President Brown, Our MTC Mission President, made the worst possible announcement he could have on Sunday.  He announced that because it is getting colder, the winter dress code would now be enacted, meaning we have to wear our suit coats everywhere.  I've just been wearing my jacket with un-matching pants.  I don't even care. 
Ok, so I've been really excited to share this thought with you all week!  I've really learned a lot lately about the Book of Mormon.  We had a lesson on it with our stake president during district meeting.  He really opened my eyes to the importance of the Book of Mormon.  We learn everyday here at the MTC that if we can get our investigators reading the Book of Mormon, and gain a testimony of this one true book, then the rest will just fall into place!  If the Book of Mormon is true, then José Smith was a true prophet and everything he restored is true!  Meaning, the whole church!  How great is that?  Who knew so much power was in on little book!?  So I encourage you all to read it for yourselves and pray to know it's true.  I know it's true.  And I know you will know it's true if you open your hearts and sincerely pray! 
Ok.  So here's the second thing I realized about the Book of Mormon this week.  I was reading in Helaman on Tuesday in chapter 7.  Here the people are very very wicked and Nephi is the prophet.  He tells the people the wicked judge is going to die for a sign and they go and check it out and as dad would say, "There was a lot of confusion" and the people still don't believe Nephi's words!  (I drew a picture for the rest of the story so look at that) But after reading this first part I was really excited to keep reading and I ended up reading till chapter 11!  Anyway, the thing I learned and the thing that amazes me, is how dumb the people of the Book of Mormon are.  The prophets give them sign after sign and they continue to disobey!  Why?!!  I mean come on guys!  The prophet tells you over and over to come unto Christ and you keep ignoring him!  Sheesh.  This passage made me really realize that the BoM really is another testament of Jesus Christ, not only in the fact that it straight up testifies of him, but it shows the consequences of sin and rejecting the Lord.  We all need to do our best to stay on the path to avoid sin.  Like I've said before, the path to happiness and eternal life is so easy!  All we have to do is choose the right and live like our Savior as best we can, and we will be blessed!  I can guarantee to you it will be worth it in the end if we just obey!  Don't be dumb like the Nephites!  Listen to our prophets and apostles today and follow their council.  COME UNTO CHRIST as best you can.  I know you will never EVER regret it! 
A lot to soak in, I know, but it's all true!  Ok, so what else, I'm still playing a lot of soccer, and I'm loving it!  Random Elders keep telling me I'm good and asking if I played in High School!  You know how I love complements :)  I've taken a bunch of pictures this week!  I'm going to try to send a lot today!  There are some of me filling out my ballot!  Which was really exciting!  Another of me in a hammock Elder Chapman and I made on P-Day.  Another is of me knighting Elder Vincent with the DL binder.  Oh!  And there's ones of me and all my BYU buddies by the map!  Elder Price and Elder Jones left this week!  It's crazy Elder Jones is in Honduras now!  I got to see him like 5 different times the day he left!  I really want to hear how he's doing!  I can't wait to get down there!  Also, has any one heard anything from Graham?  He wrote me and said he might be heading back out!  I'd love to hear where he's at!!  Also I'm sooooo excited to see Tyler Peacock in a week and a half!  It's going to be great! 
Sorry BYU football is down the toilet, but it's better for me!  I'd be killing myself right now if they were still undefeated and ranked.  Georgia Tech this week?  Go Cougs! 
Probably the most exciting thing to happen this week was that it snow yesterday!  It was insane!  We were just studying on the 5th floor looking out the window and this huge cloud just comes down off of the mountian and starts dumping on us!  We all grabbed our stuff and immediately ran outside!  This was the first time Elder Chapman had ever seen it snow!  Crazy huh?  He's from Arizona!  The snow made the MTC come alive!  It was so great!  This morning it was sooooo super cold walking to the temple!  I was having flash backs to the days walking up to the school from seminary.  No bueno!!
Lately we've been trying to talk as much as possible in Spanish only and it's been going pretty well!  I can say almost everything it just takes a while sometimes.  The funniest thing was talking about politics in Spanish!  I'm really excited for this election!  Lots of people at the MTC are voting.  I can't wait to see how this place explodes on the morning of the 7th when Rommney wins!  It's gonna be great!  I'm just a little bummed I'll be out of the country for his first 2 years in office!  It's ok though, because I'll get to be around fof his next 6!  :)
Thanks to Grandma, Mom, Dad, Josh, Drew, and Kylie for the letters! 
And a special thanks to Aunt Sarah and Uncle John for 2 letters this week!  One in which I recieved at 5PM AFTER I had already sent my weekly email at 9AM.  And the other in which I recieved later this week! 
I love you all and how you are doing well! 
Elder Lawson

Dorm Hammock

I have no idea.....

Knighting the new District Leader, Elder Vincent

Elder Wray and Elder Lawson: best friends, BYU roomies, and MTC zone buddies!

Even Missionaries turn into little boys again 
around fall leaves.

Let me see if I can get this correct:  
Elder Boyd, Elder Wray, Elder Jones, Elder Lawson, Elder Price, and Elder Page
All from BYU 112th ward!

Elder Jones, Tyler's BYU friend who recently left for Honduras.  He's in the other mission but chances are they will run into each other from time to time down there.

Filling out his first Presidential ballot!

An official American!

Heleman Chapter 7 - Tyler's drawing

There's no business like SNOW business.

Elder Chapman's first snow!

Friday, October 19, 2012

HOOOOOOOLLLAA! ¿Comó Están Ustedes? (Week 6)

Another super speedy week here at the MTC!  I seriously don't understand how time flies so fast.  I'll litterally be sitting in class and be like wow it's already 6pm?  I just woke up!  But I like it.  I can't believe I've been here over a month though. 
Everyone keeps asking me when I'm getting a new companion!  I'm not!  That's the point of a trio.  Here in the MTC I'd say probably 10% of missionaries are in trios.  So It's just Elder Chapman, Elder Preul, and I together all the time!  But that's alright cause they're sooo funny!  But again, I just wish they would be a little more focused sometimes because I get unfocused really easily so that's the downfall of our trio. 
Elder Preul's Birthday was this week and his mom sent him golf clubs and Halloween decorations!  So needless to say we totally decked out our room!  We call it "Halloween Town." 
Okay, funny spanish story of the week!  An elder in my district, Elder Bradley (He's from Missouri and going to Texas) was trying the say in Spanish "I sewed my shirt" which is "Yo cosí mi camisa" but instead he said "Yo casé mi camisa" which means "I married my shirt." It was quite commical!  We laughed a lot.  Also another elder in my district, Elder Clawson (From San Diego and going to Chile) is the funniest kid ever.  He's super corky and hilarious.  This week he said "Baptism shouldn't be called bautismal it should be bautisbien!"  We all died laughing!  (mal means bad and bien means good)  Funny stuff! 
Thanks to Emily, Mom, Graham, Abby, the Jessens, Jackie, and Dylan for the letters!   Also a special thanks to Papooh for the package!  I got it on Tuesday and needless to say, the two bags of Dunkin' Dounuts jelly filled dounut holes are gone!
Again, thanks so much to you all!  I am so blessed!  In our room we just have a HUGE stash of goodies!  I don't know how we're ever going to eat it all!  So in all honesty I don't really need any more sweets!  I've already gained 5 pounds since I've been here!  Ahhh!  I weight 150 now!  But anyway, if you could save all goodies and send them to me in the field I would love that!  I hear as missionaries we get pounded with goodies at the MTC when we have 3 solid meals a day and then when we're starving in the field they have nothing!  So I've been loading myself up with sweets now because I know I'll be wishing for them in the field!   haha
But snacks and little toys are greatly appreciated here at the MTC!!  
Sorry my email today was really scatterbrained!  Porfavor perdoname! 
Elder Lawson
PS - Is Trenton home yet?  And have you heard anything from Chase Jenson?  He left two weeks ago to Paraguy and I want to know what it's like down there!  I hear it's nuts! 

P-day golf tournament?

All the pros use these special clubs!

Haven't we seen this picture?  Running out of interesting things to photograph?

Halloween Town!  My money is on Tyler's bed being the bottom left.  
I know he can't sleep without TWO pillows.

Entire district in matching ties.  Because they don't look enough like drones normally.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hola Hola Hola!!

Hello loved ones!!

Guess who I saw this morning!?  I was walking out of the temple and I literally walked into Jenn, Katie, Rachel, Kylie, and Brinley!  They were there doing baptisms.  I was so shocked to have literally just walked into them that I didn't know what to say!  But I shook all their hands and left on my way, but it was still so great to see them!  

So guess what today is!?  My one month mark!  I've been here at the MTC for a whole month now!  It's totally flown by, but at the same time I feel like I've been here forever!  But I'm officially 4.6% done with my mission!  I only have 100 weeks left, and I'm kind of worried cause that isn't nearly enough time to convert all the people of the world!  I better get a move on!  

So General Conference was so great!  We had to watch it in the autotorium and we had to wear our suits.  We have to wear our suits a lot.  Like 4 times a week.  (Sundays, when we go to devotional, and Temple).  But what did you think of that announcement?!  crazy huh?  They announced it and the whole MTC just erupted in chatter!  Since we were all watching together.  I looked up at the MTC president and he had no idea it was coming!  Poor guy.  I saw him go over and start chatting with the other members of the presidency.  I can only imagine the changes they'll have to go through!  I think the change is a good thing!  I really like the boys going at 18 idea because I definitely would have gone straight out of high school, although I did have the best year of my life at BYU!  The girl's change is good too and it'll give a lot more young women the chance to serve!  The only thing I don't like is there's already some flirting at the MTC, but it usually doesn't mean much because the girls are so much older, but now they'll all be the same age so that could be hazardous.  But other than that I'm excited for the major influx of missionaries!  I think this summer is going to be nuts!  All the college freshman and all the high schoolers are gonna be leaving at the same time!  Plus the increase in girls!  My only other worry is that with the lower ages and with all the hype is that some people are going to go on missions when they aren't ready to.  I think some girls and guys will get pressured into going when they shouldn't.  Which is kind of a bummer, but it's still really exciting!  

So guess who came to speak to us on Tuesday??  Elder David A. Bednar!!  It was so cool! And I sang in the choir that day too, so I can now say I sang to an Apostle!  How cool is that??  His talk was really great too.  He talked about General Conference and showed clips from some talks and helped us learn how to break them apart!  It blew my mind!  You can take really anything in the church and sift it down to, First the Doctirine, then a challenge, and finally the promises of keeping that challenge!  Here's an example - If we look at any confrence talk and look in depth we can find more and more in it.  (Doctrine) I challenge you to re-read talks from confrence and see if you can find these three things!  (Challenge) If you do I know you will learn a lot more than you did listening the first time!  (Promise!!)  See?  So do it!!  

So guess who came to speak to us on Sunday?!?!  Yup we had another great speaker!  It was Chad Lewis!  You know the football player??  He was hilarious!  He just told us a bunch of funny stories and applied them to missionary work!  He went on a mission to Tawain.  He's such a cool guy!  I think the highlight though was when he showed clips of him playing football at BYU!  I pretty much peed my pants with happiness!  Just that 20 second clip brought me soooo much joy!  I miss BYU football soooo much!  Last Friday was the Utah State game!  I could kinda hear it from here!  Although it wasn't very loud.  So does that mean we lost?  I still don't know... It's ridiculous how slow information gets here.  We play Notre Dame this weekend?  Or was it Georgia tech?  OH maybe Oregon State?  Not sure.  It's one of the three though!  I hope they win!  Although I probably won't know until next week!  haha.  

Other than that I"m still just living life here and loving it!  I love being so scheduled and wearing the same thing everyday!  It's so nice when all you have to pick out in the morning is a tie!  Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers!  The Spanish is still improving by the inches!  

Oh!  And I've now taken 101 pictures on my camera!   So HA!  To all those who didn't believe I would take any!  I'm shooting for 100 a month! 

Thanks to Grandma(x2), Elyse, Aunt Taryn, Aunt Sarah and Uncle John, Tyler, Kylie, Kenzie, Mom, Dad, Abby, and Dylan for the letters!!  

I love and miss you all!!
Elder Lawson

Not sure what I should question him about:  The "light saber" or the giraffe on the board!  Or how about the woman in the hall wearing pants???

Geek squad.

Well, he sure looks happy!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Confused over toilet picture? Here's the answer!

Because this picture caused so much confusion, I thought I would post the original so it would make more sense. The first Elder Lawson was trying out new galoshes, the second Elder Lawson was mocking the first, which is a family tradition.

Elder Todd Lawson Fall 1982                               Elder Tyler Lawson Fall 2012

Friday, October 5, 2012

Another great week! (Week 4)

Hola mis amores!!
Wow! I can't believe it's P-Day already!  Time is flying by sooo crazy fast!  I feel like it should only be monday or something.  A great elder once said "The weeks feel like days and the days feel like weeks".  It's soooo true!  Weeks just zoom by!  Especially when we're so busy which I love!  Ok so guess what I did this week! I hope you're all proud of me! I sewed a tie!  Yup! The back of one of my ties came un-done and so I pulled out my handy dandy sewing kit and fixed it all up!  If Tyler Lawson can sew something without the help of his mother, Anything is possible!  So that was my accomplishment of the week..
So last week my district decided we wanted to do a musical number in sacrement meeting!  We sang hymn #50 "Mas Cerca Dios de ti" which is "Nearer my God to thee"  it went really well!  It was the first time I had ever been in a special musical number in sacrament!  It was pretty great.  Church here is really different. We have priesthood around 9 or so and then Sacrament at like 1:45 and no sunday school!  Sacrement is in half english and half spanish. It's conducted in english but we sing, pray, and give talks in spanish.  I really like it!  By the way, my spanish prayers are getting sooo much better!  I'm at the point where I can say them pretty easily! 
My companion Elder Marques left on Tuesday morning and it was sad to see him go.  It's really weird not having him around.  I guess that's a side effect fo spending 4000 hours straight with the guy.  But I really love being in a trio with Elder's Preul and Chapman.  They're seriously my best buds right now.  They are both from Arizona and going to my same mission in Honduras.  Both of them are super funny and we laugh like all the time.  The only tough thing is I wish they were just a tad more serious sometimes, but other than that I love them! 
It's funny being on a mission because every day is pretty much the same schedule, you lose tract of the days really easily.  Last saturday I was walking across the street to go to the soccer fields (como siempre) and I saw all these people going for runs and walking and driving around!  And I was like "Wow why are so many people not at work/school?" and then I realized that it was saturday and that's why they were out and about!  What's also weird is the fact that I'm really on a mission right now.  I'M ON A MISSION!!!  It still gets me everyday when I put my nametag on that I'm really doing this.  The MTC just feels like summer camp and then I'll be going home before I go to Honduras for my real mission, but NOPE!  This is the real deal!  I'm on the clock right now!  And in just 6 short weeks I'll be in a forgien country speaking a forgien language!  Craziness. 
The best thing happened to me yesterday.  We were teaching our "Investigator" Maricela about baptism and the Holy ghost and my companions looked to me to say something.  And then, I just strated busting out spanish without even thinking!  My companion later said "Elder you were just conjugating verbs like nobody's business." It felt so great!  I know the spirit was guiding me 100%.  I'm so greatful for the spirit in my life.  It's so helpful.  Our Heavenly Father is a genius.  He's put everything together so perfectly so that we can have the most happiness.  And the plan is so simple!  He made it simple for US.  5 simple steps, First Faith in him, second repentance for your sins, third baptism, forth recieving the Holy Ghost, and Lastly enduring to the end.  That's it!  We just need to do our best to be the best people we can be in following all of his commandments!  So I challenge you to take this week and pick a commmandment you want to follow and do your best to follow it with exactness!  I promise you will be blessed!  And watch general conference!  I can't tell you how excited I am to watch it this weekend!  It's gonna be great. 
Thanks to Andrew Lauer, Josh, Dad, Mom, Kylie(x2), The Jessens(x2), Graham, Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Sarah, Aunt Dee, and Dylan for the letters!  I really love them!  I'm soooo blessed!  I'm the only one I know who has recieved a letter every single day I've been here and you don't know how much that means to me!  24 days straight! 
Also some Honduras Swag to decorate our dorm room would be super great!  And maybe some algebra problems and jokes in spanish I'd love too!  Thanks!! 
I Love you all!
Elder Lawson
Mom!!!  Also I need the addresses for Derek, Coleton, Seth, and most of all Chad!!  Gracias! 

Elder Preul, Elder Chapman, Elder Lawson

We've been waiting for this pic, an MTC tradition.  Elder Wray (Mexico bound) 
and Elder Lawson (Honduras bound).

Weekly service assignment.  Good thing his mom made him clean toilets early on!

Be all you can be?  Not really sure....