Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras

Elder Lawson's Adventures in Honduras
Heleman 13:4, "And it came to pass that they would not suffer that he should enter into the city; therefore he went and got upon the wall thereof, and stretched forth his hand and cried with a loud voice, and prophesied unto the people whatsoever things the Lord put into his heart."

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Hearts of Men Will Fail Them - Week 3

Hola Hola mis amores!!!

Como estan??  Just another glorious week at the MTC!!  I'm loving life here!  Everything is so orderly it's really nice!  I wake up every morning at 6:30 and go from there!  It's great!  I seriously LOVE gym time soooo much!  I have played soccer every single gym time since I got here and I still love it sooo much! That's one thing I always loved to do at home and at school, but I could never seem to get enough people together to be able to have a fun competitive game, but here it's great!  There are some serious ballers and even though I'm not the best soccer player, I still have a blast!  I probably score a goal about once a week, no big deal..  haha.  The food is still great too!!  I'm not sick of it yet, but I have toned down how much I eat.  I have been eating way WAY too much here at the MTC!  

I hope you like the pictures!  I took 30 pictures this week and sent the best ones!  I want to see a comparison between my toilet picture and dad's! I tried to recreate it as best as possible!  I've started just carrying my camera around with me.  

Funny story of the week, it's not really that funny but here at the MTC we don't get "real" humor so everything is really funny to us!  The time before bed is seriously the funniest of the day.  We have from 9:30 until 10:15 to get ready for bed and it's like our fun time to wind down from the day and just relax.  I love it.  There's a lot of black market tie trading and lots of jokes and saying things in funny accents.  haha I don't know how to explain it, but it's just really funny.  Anyway, my story doesn't even come from that time of the day, but here goes... During class one day we were learning about how to deal with stress better and as an example of a stressful situation our teacher had us go outside and once we were outside she told us to run around the MTC as fast as we could!  We were in our shirts and ties and were like, uh... ok?  And so we took off running.  All the other missionaries that were sitting around studying gave us really weird looks, so as I was chasing after my fellow district mates, I started yelling "Tengo un mensaje para usted sobre Jesucristo!!"  haha it was great! That means "I have a message for you about Jesus Christ!" So just picture me in full mission attire running at top speed yelling that in Spanish.  Ok, so it's not that funny, but a few missionaries laughed!  

This last Sunday I decided to fast for help getting along with my companion and help learning Spanish.  It was the first time I'd ever done a full 24 hour fast!  It was actually 25.5 hours total!  So after fasting, on Monday we had another lesson with our "investigator" Mariana.  (She's really just my teacher) but during our lesson I knew what her and my companion were saying the whole time and I was able to contribute to the lesson off the top of my head!  And my companion and I got along great! I knew it was directly associated with my fast, It was such a testimony builder!  The MTC is full of testimony building experiences!  It's amazing.  

The computers we use have access to Lds.org, so needless to say I've listened to all the music on there and watched most of the videos.  (When the schedule says "Tall lab" that means computer lab time used to study spanish).  But the Mormon Message I like most is called "The hearts of men will fail them."  It's of M. Russell Nelson telling about faith.  I strongly recommend watching it.  What he says is true. With faith, nothing can hurt us.  If we have absolute faith we have nothing to worry about.  Nothing to fear.  God has a plan for us and if we trust in him and his plan, follow his commands, and continually follow those commands, we will find happiness beyond imagining.  I challenge all of you to watch this video and really think about how much your Father in heaven and Jesus Christ love you.  They love you more than you can imagine!  Jesus Christ gave his life for us and only through his Atonement can we return to live with both of them again in the kingdom of heaven.  I know this to be true, and I want all of the people of the world to know it too.  

Thanks to Dylan, Mom, Abby, Grandma, Graham, Aunt Sarah, The Jessens, and Abby for the letters this week!!  I'm seriously soooo blessed!  I've been here for 16 days now and I've recieved a letter every single day!  You all are seriously the best!  I have 13 letters to write today so I'm sorry if I don't get back to some of you but I'll try my best!  

Have a great week!!  
I love you all,
Elder Lawson
The first two photos are Tyler's attempt to copy pictures that Todd (Tyler's Dad) took when he was in the MTC 30 years ago.  Unfortunately, those pics are all on slides!  We will have them made into pics and share them as a comparison.

He obviously has something to say.

A copy of his father's pic from the MTC 30 years ago!  Back then Tyler's dad was testing out new galoshes, here Tyler is just mocking his father.  A family tradition.


Classroom time - their home away from home.

TALL lab, studying Spanish.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Hola todos!!!
First a shout out to Abby for her 17th birthday on Monday!!  I wrote the date during planning time and I was like, Hey!  Today is my sister's birthday!  So happy golden birthday to her!!
This week went by sooo fast!  The first 4 days of the MTC were cray crazy slow but then everything sped up after Sunday!  I'm District leader so I have 3 extra meetings to go to on Sundays.  I spent 9 hours in meetings this Sunday!  Crazy!  But it serioulsy went by soooo fast!  I really actually like Sundays.  It just something different and I like that!  And I kinda like the meetings too...Call me crazy but I like being up on the know how so being in charge is the best!!  So I really like that! 
I'm sorry I couldn't tell you everything in my last letter, there's just so much to say and so little time!!  So I attached some pictures to this email.  One is of my daily schedule so now you all can know what I'm doing every second of every day!!  So Great!  Also there are pictures of my new spanish scriptures which were free and I got them engraved for free too!  Bueno!  There's also a picture of me and all my roomates at the temple and one of me with each of them!  Elder Marques (My companion) is the darker skinned one (since he's Portugese..)  Elder Chapman is the tall one and Elder Pruil is the HUGE one!  He's seriously so jacked.  And all he eats is like super healthy stuff.  I definitely eat the most unhealthy out of all of my buddies...  But it's all right!  I'm not fat yet right?  I'm really liking the food here.  Lunch is my favorite meal!  I seriously eat soooo much!  The only bummer is dinner is a 4:45 everyday and I am used to eating at like 7 or 8 so such an early dinner is no bueno.  But back to my roommates!  Neither Elder Jeff Champman nor Elder Alex Pruil have recieved a single letter yet from anyone and I feel bad cause I've recieved like 20... SO They're both pretty attractive guys and they told me that if any of you ladies out there want to write them a letter they would greatly appreciate it!!  :)  They have the same address as me so it's easy to write them!  They are seriously my best friends here.  My comp and I don't get along all that well and we have a lot of miscommunications, don't get me wrong I love Elder Marques, we just don't click all that well, but Elders Chapman and Pruil are seriously sooooo funny!  We just laugh and have sooo much fun!  I can definitely see myself being friends with them post-mish.  They are both going to Honduras Tegucigulpa as well!  In my district us 3 are going to Honduras.  Two elders are going to Texas, one to Idaho, Elder Marques to Spain, and the last is Chile!  All Spanish speaking of course.
Sorry this letter is going to be all over the place but you'll just have to deal with it so I can get everything out that I need to in the short ammount of time!  I'm so sorry I forgot to tell you last week but Elder Wray and Elder Boyd (BYU) are both in my zone!  Which means there classrooms are like 3 doors down from mine they live in my building and we have the same church, gym, meal, and Pday times!!  It's very very GREAT!!!  I see each of them at least 3 or 4 times a day.  Also Elder McKay Snyder is in my district?  He was friends with the Summer Semester BYU kids this year and so I see him a lot!  I've seen Elder Jones (BYU also going to Honduras) a few times and breifly chatted with him.  I've ran into Elders Price and Vassau (BYU) in the cafeteria a lot and that nice to see them too!  Also Elder Jenson is around and I chatted with him at the temple this morning.  It's really nice to have so many people I know!  And the MTC is so small I see a lot of them all the time which is super nice!  Oh!  And I also saw the Merediths this week!  They work in the kitchen and so I got to see them and say hi which was cool! 
So Gym time is my favortie time of every day.  I play soccer every single day.  It's so freaking fun!  I'm actually getting pretty good too!  The other day I did this sweet shot where I lobbed it right over the goalie's head and he dove backwards and barely missed it and it went in the back of the net.  It needed to be on MTC sports center or something.  I'm not nearly as good as some of the other Elders though.  A lot of them are seriously AMAZING at soccer.  They can just dribble it and juke like no other!  I stole the ball from one of them once and it was like the best thing to ever happen to me.  It's crazy how many Spanish speaking elders there are.  When we play soccer it's all in spanish.  We say "paselo" (pass it) or "Cruzalo" (cross it) or "Aqui aqui!" (here here) all the time!  It's so fun. 
Mom!  I met the first missionarey ever from the country of Kazakhstan, and guess what!  It's a Sister Missionary!  I thought you would like that. 
The Spanish is coming along all right!  Thanks for the prayers!  Keep 'em coming!  Elder Marques is still a ton better than me and it's a little frustrating, but I get by!  I just panic in our discussions cause I have no idea what to say let alone how to say it! But I'm learning and that's all that matters!  I've still got 8 weeks to get it down! 
The BYU game sounds like a total bummer!  But I sure am glad I missed it!  I hear the Bells at BYU all the time and it makes me remember the good 'ole days, but I love where I'm at now and have no regrets so it's all good!! 
Thanks to Dylan, Grandma, Dad, Mom, Aunt Sarah, The Jessens, Kylie, Graham, and Tyler for the letters!  I seriously love them!  Yesterday I got 8 letters and a package!  It was seriously the best day of my life.  I was soooo happy! 
Please keep the letters coming!  It's nice to have something to read at night before I go to bed!  Just write about your lives and ask me questions and I'll write you back! 
That's all I have time for!  I'm 5 minutes over the time... whoops!  I hope you like the pictures!! 
I love you all!
Elder Lawson
OH!  PS could you get me Derek's address??  Please and Thank you!! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

No news is good news?

Well, no email from Tyler this week.  We got one short one that said this:

"Also I forgot to tell you I got my PBlessing shunk and lamiated so no need to do that anymore!! 
I love you so so so so so much!!!! 
Elder Lawson"

So, obviously he wrote a longer message and either forgot to hit "send" or it was lost somewhere in cyberspace.  Mom is devastated.  Luckily, Elder Wray is pretty consistent in his emails so I stole some pictures from him (that he stole from Elder Boyd) and have posted them here.  It's nice just to see his smiling face.

Until next week I guess.

Elder Wray, Elder Lawson, and Elder Boyd

Matching ties for Elder Boyd and Elder Lawson - looks like their mom's shop at the same store!

Saturday, September 15, 2012


(Mom's comments are in blue.)

Hola mis familias y amigos!!

It's so exciting finally getting to email you!  Wow soooo much has happened since I've been here it's crazy.  It all started with an unfortunate experience at the airport.  After pouring rain and sad goodbyes I started to make my way through security and looked at my new watch.  My flight was to leave in only 20 minutes!  I got a little nervous and rushed through security as fast as I could.  I got on the little underground tram and when I got to my stop I only had 10 minutes until my flight left so i ran in my full suit to the gate and when i got there the gates were closed and no one was around.  I didn't really know what to do since I've never missed a flight before so I used a pay shone (something I've never done before, yeah for new experiences!)  and called my mom.  i ended up talking to an airline worker and was able to get on the next flight 2 hours later.  I guess that's a sign that Satan doesn't want me to be here!  My goal was to give out some pass along cards in the airport, but...I wimped out.  Oh well!  I'll have plenty of opportunities to give out cards in the future!  (Tyler was at the airport in plenty of time to catch his flight.  Delta Airlines "reserves the right" to depart early!!  His bags were on the plane and he was at the gate at least 10 minutes before departure, but they left without him!  We can't figure out why it wasn't a security risk to have his bags go when he wasn't on the plane.  It was very frustrating to not be able to talk to him - no cell phone - but he worked it out.)

So besides the flight everything went very swell!  I got off and Uncle Chad was standing at my gate ( I wasn't expecting that) and it was really nice to see him.  Aunt Taryn brought me to the MTC where I was a little late, but It wasn't too bad.  They took me in, gave me my name tag(SOOOOOO COOOL!!!) and pointed to a building on a map and told me to go find my class.  I found it no problem and walked into my classroom where everyone was speaking spanish like crazy.  It was a bit overwhelming.  I met my comp and we went back to the bookstore to get all my spanish materials.  My companion's name is Elder Marques(Mark-kez).  He was born in portugal and has lived in London England the last 14 years!  This is his first time ever to the US!  He's a pretty cool guy.  We like to mock him and say things like "rubbish" or "Trousers" or "Queue".  But he's a really nice guy and he's very very good at spanish!  My other two roomates are really great as well.  Elder Chapman loves to laugh at everything which automatically makes me like him because i love it when people laugh at what I say!  And Elder Preuil is probably the most ripped person I've ever met.  He goes to the Naval Academy in Maryland and eats super healthy and works out like 6 times a day!  Ok more like 2, but he's still such a beast! 

So I'm in the intermediate spanish class in it's a little rough.  I've realized my spanish is a little sub par...  Especially when Elder Marques is like pretty much fluent, it's hard for me to think of what I want to say.  I PRAYED IN SPANISH!!!  It was really cool, but SUPER hard.  I'm excited to continue to learn more and more spanish though.  Also, I got called as district leader!  So I'm over the 8 elders in my district.  It actually doesn't mean much, really all I do is go pick up the mail and go to a few meetings, but it's still a cool title!  I need to stop using the words "cool" and "awesome" and "dude".  Our branch president is a lingustics professor at BYU and he HATES it when Elders use slang.  So being a district leader I need to step it up!  

Ok so I'll tell you a little bit about what we did each day!  (Notice how I said "we" I literally have had Elder Marques in my eye sight for the last 72 hours!  It takes some getting used to, but always having a companion isn't all that bad.  It's just rough when you want to just be alone for a second or if they need to run up to your room to get something you have to go with them.  But still not too bad!)  The MTC is the most tiring place ever.  We work 16 hours every day and sleep for 8.  It's pretty rough.  But I think I'm getting used to it.  I had a little break down in class the other day and I just wanted to go to sleep and be done with all of this, but I prayed for help and I was able to keep going!  It was a really great experience!  

Lastly we taught our first real lesson yesterday!  It was super tough in Spanish and I really just sat there while Elder Marques and "Mariana" just talked and talked.  I had no idea what was going on, but I still felt the spirit!  It was really cool that even though I didn't know what was happening the spirit was still there! 

Uggghh!  I wish I could write more but we're only allowed 30 minutes to email so I need to go!  My P-Days are Fridays from now on so expect emails then and letters to reach you by tuesday?  I guess that's right.  

Thanks to Mom, Aunt Taryn, Aunt Sarah and Uncle John, Kylie, Graham, Jenn, and Elder Goodsell for the letters!! 

ALSO, Kylie and Jenn!  You both put two different addresses on your letters... I wrote you both back, but I'm not sure which address to send the letters to!  So If you could please "Dearelder" me with you're actual address and appt number so I could send the letters, that would be great! 

I miss you all and love you all!  I'm having sooo much fun and

Pray for my spanish skills!

Elder Lawson

Tyler only has time to email us so the best and easiest way for others to write to him is through www.dearelder.com.  You do not need to create an account, you can just go in and select "Write Letter" on the top banner, then choose "Provo MTC" and fill in the blanks with the following:

Elder Tyler Lawson
Mailbox #:  202
Mission:  HON-TEG 

Departure Date:  1113

Under "Terms and Conditions" there is a box that you can just start typing in.  They will print out the letter and put it in his mailbox.  No postage necessary!  Letters are given out at dinner.  It can be very lonely to not receive mail so we encourage you to write!  For packages and mailed letters, use the following address:

Elder Tyler Lawson
MTC Mailbox # 202
HON-TEG 1113
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Follow the link above to Tyler's Mission Farewell Talk!